“Lori Archbold is by far the best instructor I’ve ever had for CPR and first aid. She makes the class relevant, interesting and fun. I highly recommend her to train your staff.”​ ~Amy Folliard, Owner and Director of School Readiness Center Preschool Naperville

HeartWISE Training was founded by Lori Archbold. Lori has been a certified American Heart Association CPR Instructor since 2001. Her approach to teaching is professional, compassionate and enthusiastic.

A  lifelong resident of Naperville and graduate of North Central College, Lori worked for over 10 years at Edward Heart Hospital Training Center as a CPR Instructor. She realized that many people were interested in learning CPR but were not always able to make fixed class times fit in with their personal or business schedules. Lori started HeartWISE Training with the goal of teaching as many people as she can how to save a life.

The idea is simple – instead of asking people to bend their schedules and make time to learn CPR,  bring the training to people when and where it works best for them. For the past eight years, Lori and HeartWISE Training have been busy scheduling classes all over the Chicagoland area!

When she isn’t busy teaching people how to save lives, you can find Lori spending time with her husband and daughter and her Yellow Labrador Retriever.  

 At the HEART of HeartWISE Training is Lori Archbold and when you meet her you will find you can’t stop yourself from being excited about CPR too! “I feel like I’ve found my true passion and gift” says Lori. That enthusiasm for teaching others how to save lives is what sets HeartWISE training apart.